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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 29, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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the spleen, when enlarged, can drop below the rib cage and become vulnerable. and now everyone everyone governor christie of new jersey to the new york jets sending in their condolences. murray's memorial service will be held on wednesday. gio benitez, abc news, washington, new jersey. also now this morning, volkswagen's emission can dal is now the subject of a criminal investigation. prosecutors in germany are looking into the actions of the company's former ceo who rye resigned in the wake of the scandal. he claims he had no idea that 11 million volkswagen diesels were outfitted with software designed to cheat the emissions tests. your next razor may not have a blade at all. two swedish inventors claim the skarp laser razor, i said it right, will last for 50,000 shaves and doesn't irritate the skin at all. it doesn't need water. americans throw out about 2
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billion disposable razors a year which end up in landfills. it's expected to go on sale next march. >> it's got a laser on it you going to give that a go? >> i just joined dollar razor club. >> you're way behind. attention fans an of oreos out there. there's a new flavor to attempt your taste buds. that flavor, is, do you want to give me a drum roll did the video already go? everyone saw it anyway? >> it's cinnamon bun oreos. the specifics, they are cinnamon flavored cookies with what nabisco cinnamon bun flafd cream. >> pretty straightforward, okay. they'll be in stores next month and so you'll have them really in a few days i guess if you'll be patient. >> you're good at telling jokes. >> i'm hysterical. let me tell you how funny i am.
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>> point, click and buy. a chance to win a lottery ticket. >> also tomorrow, it's wearable technology. shown off today, it's little screens that can be a big help to waiters and maybe even paramedics. later on. >> i love playing at abc. world news now. >> and look at the tech toys that teach. new products that help kids learn lessons while they play. but first, our forecast map is looking pretty nice. fall-like. >> "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial pen life insurance. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock
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for about two years. so far jack fokt only works with new york state lotteries but that includes cad powerball, megamillions. it's remarkably low tech. jack pocket agents buy the tickets and scan them. so they actually send someone out to buy the ticket. you can do it from home. >> another way for you to lose your money. >> or win a whole bunch of it. >> true. just a dollar and a dream. deciding when to have children st. paul tough enough as it is, but when you mix in the expectations of friends and family, it adds another dimension of difficulty i might say. >> knowsy neighbors even. for would be parents struggling to conceive, social media sometimes can really add to that stress. so there's a writer who took a very creative approach to telling people to mind their own business. >> reporter: an uproar online after writer emily bingham posted a facebook rant begging everyone to stop the reproductive plan questions. the post shared almost 40,000 times. >> even if it feels like not a
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big deal to you, it might be a really big deal to the person that you're asking. >> reporter: bingham posting a random ultrasound image she found on the internet to catch everyone's attention then writing "this is just a friendly psa that people's productive and pa procreative plans are none of your business," saying the post was inspired after her friend had to go through a heartbreaking year of fertility treatments only to begin fielding when is baby two coming within a month of his birth. >> i couldn't believe it. it's none of your business. >> model and fab life co-host krissy teigen married to johnia legend opened up just last week about that painful question. >> anytime somebody asks me if i'm going to have kids, i'm like one day you're going to ask that to the wrong girl. i hate it. stop asking me.
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>> this issue also hits close to home for bingham who at 33 years old is sick of being asked when she's going to have a baby. >> when they find out i've never been married and i don't have children, the next question is do you want to. it's either insinuated or explicitly said that the clock is ticking >> bingham strongly believes no matter who you are, it's a personal question that no one has the right to ask. writing bottom line, whether you're a wan nab be grandparent or well intentioned friend or family member or knowsy neighbor, it's absolutely none of your business. >> yeah, so it's none of your business is the whole idea. what she was saying, as well is you can have conversations with people. you can ask them things that allow them to open the koor and then tell you about stuff they want to. you never know who you're going to ask the question to that could be the wrong person that could be struggling. >> i agree. >> i agree. be right
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♪ >> toymakers have really gotten crafty turning playtime into lesson time. our toy insider mom lori shaukt is here this morning to show us toys that also teach. you call them stem toys. >> that's exactly. science, technology, engineering and mathematics. >> that's a mouthful. >> it's huge and a huge trend in
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our toys which is a great thing. we want our toys to be fun. when it teaches concepts like that, it makes it easier for kids to take the skills into the classroom and one day in their future lives. we'll start with construction sets because we knows that construction has always been good for things like logic and problem solving. this is from lego. this is our beautiful tree top hideaway. the elves tree top hideaway. look at the detail. now we're going to talk about a lot of movement in our canopy. look at the bridge in the back. it is a magical. >> where's the bridge. >> right now it's a staircase. now it's our magic bridge. >> wow into back to the staircase. we can even mo move our well up. there's lots and lots of movement. a basically intro to engineering skills, too. let's talk about some technology. all of us love our computers. we're also all getting into the hybrids. this is the curiol smart. this is a two in one. we start out as a laptop. the first time we're seeing a
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windows computer for children and it's under $200. so kids can do anything on this. they can write papers. do homework. we're doing work on our computer because we'll get to that, yes. applause because it's got most office in here free for a year. look what else this is. it's a tablet. yes, they can play games. so this comes preloaded with over 200 td worth of apps. games, all kinds of fun stuff because it's not all work. we need to play, too. >> i'm sure they'll do just to play. >> so blocks. you know, we've au seen wooden blocks but never seen smartie blocks. these are smarty blocks. there's 120 challenges. our younger kids like 5 years old can start playing with this and following simple patterns. but there's 120 different challenges in this. it's all about sequencing, math, logic. so they follow the card. and they have to do whatever the card tells them with the blocks. and there's a timer.
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so kids can time themselves when they're facing the different challenges or face off with their friends. one of the things we're getting excited about is all the 3-d printing. the kids know about it and think about it, one day they'll be able to make their own toys. that day has come. this is our 3-d maker. we have this chamber. we have this gel. you can start making one of these right here if you want. >> i can do whatever that alien toy is. >> that's an alien. i'm going to turn this on just to show you. this is just lead lights. anything i can fit into this chamber we can turn into some sort of project or toy. you're colorining it. let me just open this up. and what i've done is i've actually taken a plastic water bottle and i've made a bravely. >> fancy. >> you can do anything. you can use the mold. you can find things around the house, anything at all. >> mine looks like a mistake. >> finally, let me talk about
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this awesome robot. this is the mechano mecca noid. he is amazing. 600 pieces. six motors. we were so excited about it, he decided he had something to say about it. i used his learn intelligent movement mode to preprogram him. >> let's listen. >> i love playing at abc "world news now." >> very cool. it's like wallee from the movies. >> he's awesome. kids build this whole thing. he talks to the kids and walks them through how to do all of the programming steps. he is amazing >> very cool. nice toy. i think i might have learned something. here. >> so our thanks to our insider mom laurie shekt for being here. you can find more details on our facebook page, you're watching "world news
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it's our best gain ever! all right. more and more tech companies have been looking for new ways to combine fashion with technology in a practical way. >> of course, the question still remains will skulers buy it? kabc's rick romero gives us a preview of the latest offerings before they actually hit the market. >> reporter: it may be one of the most interesting conventions in the world. the giz world wearable tech conference in pasadena where you'll see some of the most advanced hi-tech devices that you can wear. most of us know fitness tech that looks like this.
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it's made out of rubber. i'm going to show you it the same thing that looks like real jewelry. this is wise wear. no more rubber bands for fitness track. besides the fashion statement. >> if a professional woman leaves a function and feels unsafe, she taps her bracelet three times and it sends a text message to a loved one of her exact google location. >> this company called sensoria has socks with build in wearable technology that can tell you how far you're running. they also manufacture in shirts with a heart rate monitor built into it and a sports bra, as well. sculpt has come up with a device to not measure not only your muscle fitness but how it's doing after an jo ir. >> it's the first device that lets you measure how much fat you're losing. it takes about two seconds and tells you your muscle quality and your fat percentage right on the device. that lets you see if you're making progress, are you getting
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stronger, weaker, do you have injury to muscle, are you losing fat where you want to lose it. >> finally the rufus cuff. >> if i was a warehouse worker, ems worker, dining hospitality sector dining is big for us, i would be able to take a customer's order on my arm and it would go back to the kitchen. as an ems, i would have all the information relative to you that could save your life. >> expect to see what i've shown you and much more in the stores in the next few months. this is rick romero reporting >> i have a fit bit. i just never wear it. >> i have an apple watch. they got me good. that's a useless piece of hardware. >> i don't use it. that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook at
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well, this morning on "world news now," super power showdown. >> president obama and russian president vladimir putin and their political clash over syria at the united nations. their tension and disagreements ahead of more meetings today. extreme weather. the drenching downpours and mud slides in the southeast. today's rainfall and the brand-new tropical storm plus the latest from accuweather. >> major league fight. that violent outburst caught on camera involving two washington national teammates. now one of them facing serious punishment. good note here. it's national coffee day. find out where to get your caffeine fix free of charge and a new kind of coffee that you can eat? happy day. it is tuesday, september 29th. from abc


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